Innovation Out Loud specializes in original music composition and production. IOL provides original scores to multi-media projects including film, dance, and conceptual art. Composer-performers Ian Stahl and Ben Muller aid the artistic vision of their collaborators, drawing out the unexplored and unheard through their musical interpretation of the work. Stahl and Muller utilize their experience performing, composing, arranging, and producing original music to create pieces that evocatively accompany a variety of multi-media art forms.

Ben Muller is a pianist, saxophonist, vocalist, and composer currently based in Washington, DC. Since graduating cum laude from Amherst College with a degree in music focusing on composition, he has scored short films, debuted a number of original compositions, and performed actively with several rock and jazz groups. With extensive performing and composing experience in classical, jazz, rock, and new music, he incorporates idioms of multiple genres and styles in his original compositions. He is currently attending NYU’s Steinhardt School of Music for Film Scoring and Composition. Prior to that he was the Assistant Orchestra Director at Amherst, as well as a Graduate Associate, teaching classes ranging from introductory music to advanced jazz harmony. 

Ian Stahl is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and programmer whose work focuses on multimedia collaboration, primarily with film and dance. His recent projects include composing and performing in a nine piece band and solo works for laptop, vocals and guitar. Stahl graduated from Amherst College in 2014 Magna Cum Laude and was hired as the Amherst College Arts Coordinator for 2014-2015. There he gained valuable experience working with faculty from every department and co-produced the 10-day-long Spring Arts Festival. He is currently attending the Performer-Composer MFA program at the California Institute of the Arts.

slow slip down choreographed by Paul Matteson

Image used coutesy of Amherst College Office of Communications