Love Gasoline! (2017)

Love Gasoline, choreographed and directed by Bessie Award winner Stacy Dawson Stearns, features music by Ian Stahl. Dance-theater devised from Marcel Duchamp’s famously unfinished work: "The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (also known as The Large Glass)". Love Gasoline! is an infernal and absurd physical rendering of Duchamp’s portrayal of erotic love and desire. A striking encounter with Duchamp’s iconic Nude, Love Gasoline! strips its own form to reveal elaborate and unconventional acts of desire, performed by the bride and her many bachelors. Cyclical, fetishy and unapologetically visceral, Love Gasoline! shatters and reflects the very idea of love and its many games and guises. LG premiered at the REDCAT New Original Works Festival in Los Angeles, CA, and has a month run at the Edinburg Fringe Festival.

Dreaming Awake (2017)

Dreaming Awake is a surreal audio-visual concert combining improvised and composed music for voice and electronics with live video projections. Stahl worked with lighting designer and producer Jesse Fryery and projectionist Kamyi Lee to create this unique experience. The audience sits around a  12' by 12' cube that encapsulates Stahl, the singer and performer, projecting videographic dreamscapes as the concert unfolds.

Relic/Resonance (2016)

Relic/Resonance is a collaboration between Ian Stahl and Sam Chen that combines paintings and composed and improvised music. The written scores and visuals were developed together and each influenced the other in their development. The scores and paintings are then reinterpreted through the performer's improvisations during the live performance. The recording of the performance becomes the installation as it is played back into the space. 

Pluto Project and Galaxy Project - USAgainstAlzheimers (2015-2017)

Score for podcast and documentary series on author Greg O'Brian and his struggle with Alzheimers. Stahl and Muller composed, recorded and mixed music and dialogue.

slow slip down (2015)

Modern dance piece choreographed by Bessie Award winner Paul Matteson, with music composed and performed by Stahl and Muller. The piece debuted at the Amherst College Arts Faculty Show in April, 2015. slow slip down was also selected to be apart of the Movement Research Spring Festival at Brooklyn's Triskelion Arts Space and the Tarry Four Showcase at the A.P.E. Gallery in Northampton, MA.


Mix Tape (music festival, 2015)

Ian Stahl and Ben Muller debuted three original works at the Mix Tape Showcase as a part of the Amherst College Spring Arts Festival. These combined through-written sections and improvisation. The instrumentation was for a nine piece ensemble comprised of piano, bass, drums, guitar, baritone sax, tenor sax, alto sax, cello, and violin. These included Revolve, a piece combining rock, latin, and classical vocabulary; Devil's Avocado, a tune for jazz combo written in the style of a standard with bossa nova and swing sections; and Perpetual Motion Machine, which explored grooves in unorthodox time signatures.  Performed by Muller, Stahl, Jason Robinson, Daniel G. Ang, Jamie Sandel, Bryan Doniger, Marcus Papandrea, Marissa Cohen, Robert Croll, and Lucas Lebovitz. 


Cutest Couple 2008 (2014)

Original score by Ben Muller for drums, piano, trumpet, and trombone. Cutest Couple 2008 is a short film directed and written by Zach Bell, a graduate student in USC's School of Cinematic Arts. It premiered in December 2014, and was accepted to the Temecula Independent Film Festival in the drama short category, at which it was additionally nominated for Best Romance Short. Performed by Muller, Stahl, Kevin Goldberg, and Luke Kahn. 


Memory Mapping (2014)

Original score by Ian Stahl for viola, guitar, electronics, and spoken word. Memory Mapping, choreographed by Wendy Woodson for the Amherst College Fringe Festival, premiered in May 2014. 


The Cave (2013)

A collision of dance, sound, and film that involves three movements loosely based on Plato's "Allegory of the Cave," filmed and scored by Ian Stahl with choreography by Mayumi Doyama. The score explores echoes and their conceptual relation to Plato's forms. Stahl and Doyama performed The Cave in Decemeber, 2013.